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Fishing Activity - Metier Fishing Activity - Metier

Follows the aggregation of Fishing Activity at various levels (FT_LVL) for some of the regions. In the Appendix IV of the 2008/949/EC is reported the complete schema by regions.


1. Baltic Sea (ICES Subdivisions 22-32)

2. North Sea (ICES areas IIIa, IV and VIId) and Eastern Arctic (ICES areas I and II)

3. North Atlantic (ICES areas V-XIV and NAFO areas)

4. Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea:

5. Other regions where fisheries are operated by EU vessels and managed by RFMOs to which the Community is contracting party or observer (e.g. ICCAT, IOTC, CECAF, etc.)



4. Fishing Activity for Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea:

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Activity Gear clesses Gear groups Gear type Target assemblage Mesh size and other selective devices
Dredges Dredges Boat dredge [DRB] Molluscs  
Trawls Bottom trawls Bottom otter trawl [OTB] Demersal species  
Deep water species  
Mixed demersal species and deep water species  
Multi-rig otter trawl [OTT] Demersal species  
Bottom pair trawl [PTB]  
Beam trawl [TBB]  
Pelagic trawls Midwater otter trawl [OTM] Mixed demersal and pelagic species  
Pelagic pair trawl [PTM] Small pelagic fish  
Hooks and Lines Rods and Lines Hand and Pole lines [LHP] [LHM] Finfish  
Trolling lines [LTL] Large pelagic fish  
Longlines Drifting longlines [LLD] Large pelagic fish  
Set longlines [LLS] Demersal fish  
Traps Traps Pots and Traps [FPO] Demersal species  
Fyke nets [FYK] Demersal fish  
Demersal species  
Stationary uncovered pound nets [FPN] Large pelagic fish  
Nets Nets Trammel net [GTR] Demersal species  
Set gillnet [GNS] Small and large pelagic fish  
Demersal species  
Driftnet [GND] Small pelagic fish  
Demersal species  
Seines Surrounding nets Purse seine [PS] Small pelagic fish  
Large pelagic fish  
Lampara nets [LA] Small and large pelagic fish  
Seines Fly shooting seine [SSC] Demersal species  
Anchored seine [SDN]  
Pair seine [SPR]  
Beach and boat seine [SB] [SV]  
Other gear Other gear Glass eel fishing Glass eel  
Misc. (Specify) Misc. (Specify)      
Other activity than fishing Other actvity than fishing (OATF)  
Inactive Inactive  
Recreational fisheries Only for these species: Blue tuna, Eels (BFTE) Not applicable