For stocks listed in Appendix VII, the following variables have to be collected:

  • individual information on age;
  • individual information on length;
  • individual information on weight;
  • individual information on sex;
  • individual information on maturity;
  • individual information on fecundity;

using the sampling scheme provided in this Appendix VII.

The collection of all individual information referred to in paragraph (1) shall be associated with the corresponding information on space and time stratum.

For wild salmon stocks in the index rivers, as defined by ICES, running into the Baltic Sea III b-d, the following variables have to be collected:

  • information on abundance of smolt;
  • information on abundance of parr;
  • information on number of ascending individuals.


According to the Council Regulation (EC) No 199/2008 of 25 February 2008 the Commission is entitled to request data in a different format and combination in order to carry out specific study. That way those data may vary from year to year. The data to be collected and provided via upload are specified in the data calls. Please read the relevant data call. The biological data requested are listed in the following link: data call biological variables.