EU Fleet economic - 2022 EU Fleet economic - 2022

Official communications

official letter (.pdf)
official letter
(1 February 2022)



EUMap templates(.xls)
EUMAP templates


Uploading tools

upload instruction(.pdf)
quick guide


Period & Deadlines

  • opening:
    01 February 2022
  • legal deadline:
    02 March 2022
    (14:00h CET)
  • operational deadline:
    18 March 2022
    (14:00h CET)
  • database closure:
    28 April 2022
    (14:00h CET)

Important notes for the uploading: Important notes for the uploading:

  • The upload facility accepts only Excel files with a specific format, as they are provided:
    • do not change the headers (names and order of columns).
    • the file's name must start with the one provided, any string can be added after provided file name; for example: map_capacity can become map_capacity_2018 or map_capacity_JRC but not JRC_map_capacity.
  • If you need to change or delete values in year X, you need to reupload all the valid values for year X. The system will substitute the new list with the old one for a given year. Changes are executed by year.

Important notes for EU Fleet Economic 2022: Important notes for EU Fleet Economic 2022: