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Since 2000, an EU framework for the collection and management of fisheries data is in place. This framework was reformed last in 2008 resulting in the Data Collection Framework (DCF). Under this framework the Member States (MS) collect, manage and make available a wide range of fisheries data needed for scientific advice.

The data is collected on the basis of National Programmes in which the MS indicate which data is collected, the resources they allocate for the collection and how data is collected. MS must report annually on the implementation of their National Programmes and the Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF) evaluates these Annual Reports.

Part of the data collected by the MS is uploaded in databases managed by the JRC in response to data calls issued by DG MARE. This data is analysed by experts of the STECF and forms the basis for scientific opinions and recommendations formulated in STECF reports. The resulting scientific advice is used to inform the CFP decision making process.

JRC (D.2. Water and Marine resources) is assembling the data, storing it in databases, analysing its quality and coverage and making it available to the STECF working groups. Once the STECF reports are finalised the data is disseminated in aggregated form for a target audience of experts for further use in scientific analyses and policy.

In this website you will find the necessary information and data related to the above described process including:

  • latest news in relation to data calls, deadlines, variable definitions, disaggregation levels and uploading procedures;
  • National Programs and Annual Report prepared by the MS;
  • access to the uploading facilities and data dissemination platforms for the experts and the general public;
  • coverage reports on the data provided by the MS in response of the data calls managed by JRC;
  • DCF technical documents, guidelines and legislation.

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Latest news Latest news

1st June 2021

Fisheries Dependent Information data call 2021 open

  • deadline:  30th June 2021 (midday)

24th May 2021

Med & Black Sea data call 2021 open

  • deadline:  25th June 2021 (midday)

29th January 2021

EU Fleet Economic data call 2021 open

  • deadline: 01st March 2021 (14:00 cet)

07th December 2020

EU Aquaculture sector data call 2020 open
The upload tool is open.

  • deadline: 15th January 2021 (14:00 cet)

23rd July 2020

FDI data call 2020 open

  • deadline:  07th September 2020 (13:00 cet)