Pilot study reports Pilot study reports


Under the EU MAP 2017-2019, MS ran pilot studies on four different topics, and this possibility was extended for EU MAP 2020-2021. The Commission requested the submission of reports on these pilot studies by March 2021. Then STECF evaluated them, firstly through ad-hoc contracts following endorsement by STECF plenary. The final summary of the pilot studies by topic are provided below. 

·                     Pilot study 1 refers to relative share of catches of recreational fisheries compared to commercial fisheries (Endorsed by STECF PLEN 21-02) 

·                     Pilot study 2 refers to level of fishing and impact of fisheries on biological resources and marine ecosystems. 

·                     Pilot study 3 refers to data on employment by education level and nationality 

·                     Pilot study 4 refers to environmental data on aquaculture