Interactive structure WP/AR tables template: Interactive structure WP/AR tables template:

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Section 1. General information


Section 2. Biological data Section


Section 3. Fishing activity Section


Section 4. Impact of fisheries on marine biological resources


Section 5-7. Economic and social data


Annual Report tables template Annual Report tables template

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Guidelines per AR table: Guidelines per AR table:

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Table 1.1 - Data availability
Table 1.2 - Planned regional and international coordination
Table 1.3 - Bi and Multilateral agreements
Table 1.4 - Follow-up of recommendations and agreements
Table 2.1 - List of required species/stocks
Table 2.2 - Planning of sampling for biological variables
Table 2.3 - Diadromous species data collection in freshwater
Table 2.4 - Recreational fisheries
Table 2.5 - Sampling plan description for biological data
Table 2.6 - Research surveys at sea
Table 3.1 - Fishing activity variables sampling strategy
Table 4.1 - Stomach sampling and analysis
Table 5.1 - Fleet total population and clustering
Table 5.2 - Economic and social variables for fisheries data collection strategy
Table 6.1 - Economic and social variables for aquaculture data collection strategy
Table 7.1 - Economic and social variables for fish processing data collection strategy