Commission Regulation (EC) No. 665/2008 of the 14 July 2008 establishes the Data Collection Framework (DCF), a Community framework for the collection, management and use of data in the fisheries sector and support for scientific advice regarding the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP).

Under this regulation the European Commission requires Member States to collect data on Biological and Economic aspects of many European fisheries and related fisheries sectors.

The Commission Decision (2010/93/EU) of the 18 December 2009 describes in detail the Multiannual Community Programme to support the DCF.

This document has been structured in the following sectors:

  • Module of evaluation of the fishing sector,
  • Module of evaluation of the economic situation of the aquaculture and processing industry sectors,
  • Module of evaluation of the effects of the fishing sector on the marine ecosystem.

Details of these sectors can be found by clicking on the navigation pane on the left or on the matrix below. This matrix gives a structural overview of the Commission Decision, allowing easy and direct access to specific sections of the framework.


Fishing Aquaculture and Processing
Econ Data Bio Data Transv Data Research surveys at sea Aquaculture:
Econ Data
Econ Data



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  • F.Enterprises
  • Employment
  • Income
  • Expenditure
  • CapitalValue
  • Discards
  • Effort
  • Growth
  • Landings
  • Maturity ogive
  • Sex ratio
  • Capacity
  • Effort
  • Landings
  • Small Pelagic
  • Bottm trawl
  • Pelagic trawl
  • Income
  • Personal c.
  • Energy c.
  • Raw Mat. c.
  • otherOper c.
  • Capital c.
  • Extraord. c.
  • CapitalValue
  • Net Investm.
  • Debt
  • Employment
  • Enterprises
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sampling strategy icon icon icon icon   icon icon icon
precision levels icon icon icon icon   icon icon icon
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