Transversal parameters are required to be collected at varying aggregation levels, depending on the data type.

The table below (taken from Appendix VIII of 949/2008) gives an exhaustive list of these transversal variables and their corresponding minimum sampling specifications.

The disaggregation levels are defined in Appendix V of 949/2008.

Please note that these parameters may be requested for transmission at higher aggregation levels during data calls, depending on the purpose of the call. See the data call in question.


Table of transversal variables and sampling specification:

VariableParameterDisaggregation levelGear (level 2)Time Period
CapacityNumber of vesselsC3/Year
EffortNumber of vesselsB1/Month
Day at seaB1 and C3All gears
Hours fishedDredges and TrawlsA1
Fishing daysAll cellsAll gears
kW*Fishing daysDredges and Trawls
GT*Fishing days
Number of tripsAll gears
Number of rigsA1Multi-rig(level4)
Number of fishing operationPurse Seines
Number of nets/lengthNets
Number of hooks, Number of linesHooks and Lines
Number of pots, trapsTraps
Soaking timeAll passive gears
LandingsValue of landingsB1 and C1/Month
Live weight of landings total and per speciesA1/Month
Prices by commercial speciesB2 and C2/Month, Year
Conversion factor per species//Year