Fish Processing Industry - 2019 Fish Processing Industry - 2019

Official communications

official letter (.pdf)
official letter


EUMap templates(.xls)
EUMAP templates

DCF templates(.xls)
DCF templates


Uploading tools


Period & Deadlines

  • opening:
    19 September 2019
  • legal deadline:
    one month (13:00h CET)
  • operational deadline:
    21 October 2019 (16:30h CET)
  • database closure:
    20 November 2019 (13:00h CET)

Important Notes: Important Notes:

This year data call will not have an automatic tool for the uploads of files.


Where to upload the requested files:

Every Member States will have to connect to the STECF-FTP and access the 'EWG 19-15' folder in which they will find the 'data_call_upload' folder. In this last folder every Member States will see a country specific folder in which they can upload the requested files.


Where to download the template's files:

The template's file are downloadable from this link: templates.


For any question please contact the JRC DataSubmission Team.

Important notes: additional notes for guidelines Important notes: additional notes for guidelines