Fish Processing Industry - 2021 Fish Processing Industry - 2021

Official communications

official letter (.pdf)
official letter


EUMap templates(.xls)
EUMAP templates


Uploading tools

upload instruction(.pdf)
quick guide


Period & Deadlines

  • opening:
    01 December 2021
  • legal deadline:
    13 January 2022
    (13:00h CET)
  • operational deadline:
    13 January 2022
    (13:00h CET)
  • database closure:
    13 January 2022
    (13:00h CET)

Important Notes: Important Notes:

In this data call, Fish Processing sector data are requested for the years 2018 and 2019. Please note that you may not be required to submit all the templates. You are requested to submit the templates according to your Work Plan and National Programme. Even if not required, all templates can be submitted on a voluntary basis.

Uploading data in Overwrite mode:

If you upload EMPTY templates, all data stored in the database will be deleted.
If you upload worksheets in OVERWRITE mode, all data stored in the database will be deleted and new data written instead.

FORMULAS are not allowed in excel's cell during uploads.

All excel's cell must be formatted as "GENERAL", keep the formatting as the templates provided.

Where to download the template's files:

The template's file are downloadable from this link: templates.

For any question please contact the JRC DataSubmission Team.