EU-MAP: EU Multi-Annual Programme EU-MAP: EU Multi-Annual Programme

Under the provisions of Council Regulation (EC) 2017/1004, we are requesting the economic variables for the fleet detailed in Table 5A of the Commission Decision (EU) 2016/1251. In particular, variables on Income, Costs, Subsidies, Capital and Investment, Financial position, Employment, Effort (energy consumption) and Enterprises/units.

We are also requesting fishing activity variables (Capacity, Effort and Landings) for the fishing fleet set out in Table 4 and social variables in Table 6 of the Commission Decision (EU) 2016/1251.

Member States are invited to submit these data following the geographical stratification by region set out in Table 5A and fleet segmentation in Table 5B of the Commission implementing decision (EU) 2016/1251. Click on the links to the left for more details.