DCF: Data Collection Framework DCF: Data Collection Framework

As foreseen in the Council Regulation (EC) 2017/1004, the economic variables listed in Appendix VI of Commission Decision 2010/93/EU, are requested for the years 2008 to 2016 and include variables pertaining to the EU fishing fleet on: Income, Costs, Capital and Investments, Employment, Effort (energy consumption) and Enterprises/units. In addition, transversal variables listed in Appendix VIII are requested on Fleet Capacity, Effort and Landings.

Member States are invited to submit the previously mentioned data following the geographic stratifications set out in Appendix I and Appendix II, fleet segmentation in Appendix III and according to the disaggregation levels in Appendix V of the Commission Decision 2010/93/EU.

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Guidelines for Fleet Economic data call