Fleet Economic data call - 2018

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official letter (.pdf)

  • Data-handling procedure for STECF Expert Working Groups
  • Possibility to submit data for the most recent year only.


upload instruction(.pdf)


  • opening:
    30 January 2018
  • legal deadline:
    one month (1 Mar. 13:00h CET)
  • operational deadline:
    23 March 2018 (13:00h CET)
  • database closure:
    18 June 2018 (13:00h CET)

MS-23*: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, United Kingdom.

Important Notes: Important Notes:

Species code

Please note that FAO has updated its species list. The 3-alpha codes that have changed are: OTF is now BWM and IOZ has been split into IOZ (Sepiola parva) and IOX (Sepiola spp). You can get an updated version here.

The code "OTHER" and "UNKNOWN" have changed to "OTH" to align with the other data calls.

Templates + DV tool

Please DOWNLOAD AND USE THE NEW UPLOAD TEMPLATES available here on the JRC datacollection site. Only templates with DV tool will be available this year.

Please do not upload the DV tool files. From the DV tool you can extract the template files to be uploaded. 

DV tool
We recommend that you use the facilities of the DV tool as much as possible to help detect errors and avoid problems before uploading data. The DV tool manual can be found here.

YEARS requested

This year's data call requests all DCF years.

However, MS may decide to upload only data refering to the latest year, for one or more templates, if all previous years were completely submitted last year. In these cases, data from last year's data call will be re-used by the JRC to produce the AER.

How to upload  

To submit only the most recent years data, select ‘APPEND’ when uploading your data templates to the JRC uploading facility.

To re-submit data for any previous year(s), select ‘OVERWRITE’ but make sure that only data referring to the year(s) is included in the template otherwise these data from last year will be overwritten in the JRC database. Additionally, for Fleet Segment level data, all the data templates referring to the year in question must be re-submitted, starting with the Capacity template.

See manual here.

If you have any doubts, please contact the JRC data collection team prior to uploading.

Geographical indicator
All templates include the possibility of adding the geographical code to identify fleet segments operating in outermost regions and fleet segments operating exclusively in non-EU waters. Provision of this information is not compulsory. More information can be found here.


Effort (FAO and GEAR) and Landings data are requested by GFCM-GSA level for the Mediterranean & Black seas.

In EFFORT: number Fishing days, kW*Fishing days and GT*Fishing days are again requested by Sub-Region (Level 3 or 4 in Appendix I) and Gear Type (Level 4 in Appendix IV), Fleet segment and Supra Region.

In LANDINGS : the value and weight of landings are requested by Sub-Region (Level 3 or 4 in Appendix I) and Gear Type (Level 4 in Appendix IV), aggregated by Fleet segment and Supra Region.

Capacity_REGION template  

The number of vessels (totVes) is again requested by REGION (Level 2 in Appendix II) for fleet segments operating in AREA 27. This aggregation level is requested to identify the number of active vessels (> 0 fishing days) by region that is necessary for a more precise regional analyses.

Note: As a vessel may operate in more than one fishing region in a given year, the sum of the number of vessels by Region (i.e. totves in Capacity_Region) may be greater than the sum of the number of vessels in the MS fleet in that year (i.e. totves in Capacity).

Fleet segments that are clustered to report sensitive economic data must be identified in the CAPACITY Template by a CLUSTER_NAME under the corresponding column, for each year.
We suggest following the STECF recommendation in naming clusters after the main fleet segment while also adding the Supra Region, for example: AREA27 HOK VL1824 (SUPRA_REGION + FISHING_TECHNOLOGY + VESSEL_LENGTH).
FLEET_SEGMENTS-CLUSTER consistency should be kept over the time series as far as possible, i.e. it is more important to keep cluster consistency than to follow the 10 vessel recommendation. More information on clustering can be found here

Missing data/Not Available
If a value is missing, leave cell blank and provide ["NA" + reason] in Comments. A zero value "0" must be used exclusively for values that are in fact zero (e.g. income from fishing rights = 0). If a comment is not applicable then do not provide the entire row. 

Not Requested

The following variables are again not requested: no. of rigs; no. of fishing operations; no. of nets/length; no. of hooks/no. of lines; no. of pots, traps and soaking time.

Preparation of MS Annual Reports
MS may again provide the four additional variables to support the preparation of MS Annual Reports on the implementation of the National programme:
  • In CAPACITY: Frame Population and Survey Name
  • Other TEMPLATES: Response Rate and Data Source for fleet segment level.
The provision of these data is non-mandatory and only MS that wish to participate in this exercise are requested to provide this information.
More details can be found here

Please contact jrc-datasubmission@ec.europa.eu if you have any queries on any of the above or any other aspects of the data call and uploading procedures.