DCF for EU Aquaculture sector DCF for EU Aquaculture sector

Under the provisions of Commission Decision 2010/93/EU (Appendix X), there are requested the variables: Income (turnover, subsidies and other income), Personnel costs (Wages and salaries of staff and Imputed value of unpaid labour), Energy costs, Raw material costs (livestock costs and feed costs), Repair and maintenance costs, Other operational costs, Capital costs (depreciation of capital and financial costs), Extraordinary costs, Capital value, Net Investments, Debt, Raw material volume (livestock and feed), Volume of sales, Employment (Number of persons employed, gender and FTE national) and number of enterprises pertaining to the EU aquaculture sector. Moreover, turnover and volume of sales need to be detailed by species.

Member States are invited to submit the previously mentioned data following the segmentation set out in the Appendix XI of the Commission Decision 2010/93/EU.


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