Once published in STECF reports the processed and aggregated data becomes publicly available for further studies and analyses. This page disseminates the data and a set of derived indicators for an audience of scientific and domain experts through interactive tables, charts and maps.

The datasets are updated annually once the relevant STECF reports are published.
Each published data set is accompanied by the reference to the STECF report in which the data was analysed, a metadata document describing the structure of variables and their definitions and the date when the data set was last published.

Disclaimer: although the data and indicators presented in this web site have been produced after extensive data validation procedures by JRC and assessment by STECF no warranty is made regarding the quality and completeness which is under the responsibility of the MS. In-depth analyses of data coverage are available in the JRC coverage reports for the respective data calls.

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Before proceeding with the data navigation, please read the following instructions: knowing more about the data navigation tool (tableau) will empower your experience and analysis over the exposed data.