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Welcome to the Joint Research Centre (JRC)
fisheries data collection web site

Here you will find all the information you need on the European Union (EU) Data Collection Framework (DCF) for the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), including:

  • The latest news in relation to data calls, including variable definitions, disaggregation levels and uploading procedures
  • Current DCF legislation and the previous Data Collection Regulation (DCR) legislation
  • EU Member State national programmes and technical reports
  • Reports and information relating to Regional Co-ordination Meetings (RCMs)
  • Suggested methodologies for certain variables defined under the DCF
  • Contact information for Member State national correspondents

The JRC collects and maintains fisheries management data transmitted by EU Member States. The resulting datasets are assessed by teams of independent experts participating in working groups convened by the Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF). The resulting scientific advice is used to inform the CFP decision making process.


If you have any queries or comments in relation to this site please contact the Data-collection Team at the JRC: datasubmission[at]



PROVISIONAL CALENDAR: these dates are indicative (approximate dates), they may be subject to changes.

Data Calls
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Calls Deadlines Calls Deadlines

14th May 2014:

  • Fishing Effort Regime data call deadline.


9th June 2014:

  • Mediterranean and Black Sea data call 1st deadline.


8th September 2014:

  • Mediterranean and Black Sea data call 2nd deadline (for Bulgaria and Romania).


12th January 2015:

  • Mediterranean and Black Sea data call 3rd deadline (MEDITS).


Latest News Latest News

 21st March 2014

Effort data call launched